1st Saturday UNDERSCORE (2024 Series)

Every 1st Saturday

Mar 2nd

Malashock Dance School
1 pm Talk – Through: 1st floor Green Room
1:30 – 4 pm Dance: 2nd floor Studio 200

April 6th and beyond: TBA

Every 1st Saturday, CISD will be hosting the Underscore! A self-guided exploration of Contact Improvisation designed by Nancy Stark Smith.

1 pm Talk-Through: Mandatory for New Underscore Dancers
1:30 pm Doors Close for Dancing: No Late Admittance.


$15 Zelle (preferred): contactimprovsandiego@gmail.com

Cash, or Venmo @contactsandiego are also accepted

Note: Zelle is preferred as Venmo incurs additional fees, so consider leaving a tip to offset this.

ANYONE who feels comfortable and/or excited to explore dance by way of contact improvisation is welcome to attend.

Those NEW to Contact Improvisation, are welcome. If you have time, It’s recommended that you attend a pre-jam class, offered weekly on Monday at 5:30pm, though this is not required.

Important guidelines for the experience

  • This is a SILENT event, meaning we avoid any conversation that isn’t necessary for someone’s safety. This doesn’t mean you can’t make noises! All human and inhuman noises are welcomed and encouraged as long as they are made with the attention and intention to connect to those of us sharing space with you.
  • If you have never experienced an Underscore before, it is a REQUIREMENT that you arrive at 1 pm to attend the “talk-through” of the different states we are guiding ourselves through.
  • We commence dancing STRICTLY at 1:30pm, after which no one will be admitted. This is to keep the energy and character of the Underscore consistent without interruption for new people or the vibe they might have coming in separate from the initial attendees. I won’t enjoy it but I must TURN AWAY folks that arrive after 1:30pm and/or who haven’t attended a “talk-through” before.
  • For the same reason of consistency we ask that if you attend, please stay until the conclusion where we “harvest” and share from our experience of completing the Underscore together.

-adapted from an introduction to the Underscore by Richard Villa